We help individuals and companies buy furniture and home decor products directly from China.

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CBMTRADE is a one stop sourcing agent dedicated to helping individuals and companies to buy dream furniture and home decor products directly from China.

With a 10+ years experience in the field and strong factory background, we are able to help you get the best possible deals coz we know the market well and we know the reasonable cost of each product we source. During years of operation, we have build solid foundation with shops and factories. It makes us possible to have better MOQ, price and quality.

The import process for an individual or small company is complicated, so we have designed our one-stop solutions to let you enjoy the buying trip and sit back hassle-free to receive your dream furniture and home decor products at home.



When I was planning to decorate my new house, my frirend shared with me his experience buying furniture and other home decor products directly from China. He introduced the agent he worked with to me which is CBM trades. Though I know that China is the world factory, I was amazed by the beautiful products that CBM introduced to me. Good design and quality as well, quite different from the old impression of Chinease products been cheap and poor quality.

Beffore I cam, I was a littile worried coz the process seems to be comlicated. But it turned out to be an easy and pleasant experience for me. Alex from CBM trades helped handle everything for me. Only thing I need to do is to select the products that  I like. Well,  pay a reasonable price for it for sure. I would definetly recommend CBM if you are also interested. Their team are quite experienced with factory background, they can always made it easy for me to choose the right thing.

Adithi Shetty • South Africa

“ I have never thought of buying furniture and other home decor products from China before. One day I was searching for some interior ideas for my new villa,I came across cbm websites and learned that there is a possibility to save a large amount of money.

I’m not sure at the beginning and don’t know how to start, it seems complicated to me. So I ordered a free consultation from Victor. Victor explained to me how it works and I decided to come to China.

Then, Alex from cbm took me to the market and factory sourcing for everything needed for my new house. We have spent one whole week together. I’m satisfied with the results. With their help, It’s quite easy for me coz they have taken care of all the hard works for me. They are really helpful and always on behalf of my interest. It was really a pleasant experience”

Louis Fakudze • Swaziland


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