Kitchens from China is a good chance to save money and to have more options. China kitchens industry has a more comprehensive industry chain than any other countries in the World.

Whether you are engaged in kitchen business, or you are planning to renovate your kitchen at home, you will find answers in this article about kitchens from China.

  • Why Buy Kitchens from China?
  • The best place to buy kitchens in China
  • Kitchen design ideas
  • The Styles of Kitchens from China
  • Kitchen cabinets from China
  • Kitchen Tables & Chairs from China
  • Kitchen Countertops/worktops from China
  • Kitchen Lighting from China
  • Kitchen sinks from China
  • Kitchen Taps from China
  • Kitchen Appliances from China
  • Outdoor Kitchens from China
  • Step by Step Guide on How to Buy Kitchens from China
  • Problems you may have when buy kitchens from china

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Why Buy Kitchens from China?

Many people tend to buy kitchen products such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, kitchen worktops, kitchen sinks, kitchen taps and kitchen appliances from China because of the following reasons.

More options.

China has been the largest furniture production and export country in the world. Here you can find all the furniture styles in different quality and price level. Whether you are looking for high end kitchen products or cost-effective kitchen products, you can always find good resources in China. Besides, the competition of China kitchen industry is fierce which gives customers more beautiful designs at better price.

Lower cost.

Kitchens from China might not be the cheapest, but it is the best if you are comparing at the same quality level. Here you can find high end kitchen products such as kitchen cabinets at a lower price than Europe or your local market. You can also find better quality for those cheap kitchen products from southeast Asia or south Asia. There is a good chance for you to get the best deal that you haven’t ever imagined.

Products made in China are evolution fast by adopting advanced equipment and technology. The optimized production method can largely reduce the cost and improve the quality. It also releases bigger production capacity to allow more possibilities.

Easy to assemble.

Export business contributes a large proportion to China’s economy. So does furniture industry. Many products such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen worktops, kitchen tables and chairs are designed flat packed for easy transportation and installation for export market.

You will find it not difficult to install if you can read the basic installation instructions. Moreover, many kitchen cabinets manufacturers can offer installation services if necessary. So, it won’t be a problem that troubles you.

Government support allows better quality and price.

According to a latest news. Guangzhou is having a big ambition on custom furniture such as kitchen cabinets. Wardrobe, doors. The custom furniture industry is developing very fast with government support. Thus, it gives customer high quality products at lower price.

The best place to buy kitchens in China

Louvre furniture market

Furniture in China is a big industry with an annual turnover of over 1000 billion RMB. There are 6 major china furniture factory locations in China. They are:

  • Perl river delta furniture factory location
  • Yangtze river delta furniture factory location
  • Bohai sea surrounding furniture factory location
  • West China furniture factory location
  • Northeast furniture factory location
  • Middle China furniture factory location

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Though those are all famous for furniture manufacturing, it’s not necessary for you to visit each location.

pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta are the most popular furniture factory locations for international buyers. Especially Guangdong province, Zhejiang province and Fujian province.

Among these 3 locations, Guangdong is the best place to buy furniture, building materials, kitchen products, lighting and home decoration products in China. It offers a one stop solution which allows to have a better buying experience.

In Guangdong, you can find the quality furniture products at competitive price. Foshan, Dongguan and Guangzhou are all famous furniture manufacturing base for high end products in China.

What’s more, they are adjacent to each other within a 2 hours’ drive. It is convenient to reach.

In custom furniture field. Guangzhou owns the top custom furniture manufacturers in China. However, if you are buying small quantity for your home or residential project, Foshan furniture market would be your best choice.

Foshan has the largest wholesale furniture market in the world and it can offer kitchen products without MOQ.

It gathers thousands of famous furniture brands from China in its shopping malls which extend 10 kilo meters along the 325# national way.

You are guaranteed to get the best deal if you know how to look and negotiate with suppliers there.

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The Styles of Kitchens from China

If you have decided to buy kitchens from China, it’s better to have a general idea of what you want and what you can get there. Let’s have a look at the kitchen styles which are popular in recent years to get started.

Contemporary kitchen styles

Muted and Contemporary kitchen styles

A contemporary kitchen look is a delicately curated mix of materials: new and old, casual and polished. As new life style of cooking with company prevails, today’s kitchen has plenty of space for hosts and guests to work and interact.

A contemporary kitchen design with comfortable seating and open spaces perfectly suited the life style in the new century. It has become the trending styles in

Traditional Kitchen style


A traditional kitchen design is the perfect backdrop for a life that centers on family, friends and holidays. Its clean, comfortable look is welcoming 365 days a year. Paneled or glass doors on cupboards contribute timeless style

Modern kitchen style

Sleek and modern kitchen design

A sleek and sexy kitchen design with reflective surfaces and high-tech materials are the key features of the modern kitchen style. It has become one of the major styles that people prefer today.

Farmhouse Kitchen style

Chic Farm House kitchen styles

Open and inviting, a country farmhouse kitchen style allows you to feel nature right in your home. The use of farmhouse tables, furniture and an eclectic mix of finishes create a comfortable and lived-in look kitchen design.

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Will Sun-dappled colors, elegantly timeworn surfaces, and a pure romance atmosphere take you to a small hotel in the south of France, or a villa on the Amalfi Coast. The Mediterranean ambiance features a Mediterranean style kitchen design.

Industrial Kitchen style

Industrial-style-kitchens from china

Industrial kitchen style takes clues from old factories and industrial combines the best aspects of old-world charm with modern sleekness. In essence, it’s a perfect compromise. Industrial design style has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Scandinavian Kitchen Style

Scandinavian-style-kitchens from China

A Scandinavian kitchen design is the perfect combination of function and simplest form. Its sleek, streamlined surfaces, clever storage system and light, muted color palette makes a Scandinavian style kitchen appear brighter, lighter and super stylish.

Transitional Kitchen style

Transitional kitchen style

The combination of both traditional and modern design features creates a fresh, updated look for a transitional kitchen design. The use of new paints, trends, and materials of the current day balance out the embellished familiarity of the traditional design.

Coastal Kitchen styles

Coastal kitchen styles

The cool shades of blue, green, white and sand creates a vacation-time mood for coastal kitchen styles. The carefully selected materials make it easy to care for. The window treatments allow for maximum sunlight have everyone in let’s-get-to-the-beach mode bright and early.

Cottage Charm kitchen styles

cottage charm kitchen style

Cozy and enveloping, homespun touches and imperfect finishes, cottage-style kitchens are always one of a kind and serve as the perfect backdrop for offbeat art and collectibles.

Here we have listed some projects cases we have done in the past for your reference.

Balanced and open kitchen designs

Balanced and open kitchen designs

Muted and Contemporary kitchen styles

Muted and Contemporary kitchen styles

Pops of color kitchen designs

Pops of color kitchen designs

Rustic fashion kitchen design

Rustic fashion kitchen design

Sleek and modern kitchen design

Sleek and modern kitchen design

Stone centric kitchen designs

Stone centric kitchen designs

Warm and Romantic kitchen style

Warm and Romantic kitchen style

Industrial style kitchen design

Industrial-style-kitchens from china

Country Chic kitchen styles

Country Chic kitchen styles

A New York gray kitchen design

A new york gray kitchen design

Kitchen cabinets from China

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets is an important part of furniture in a kitchen. It is valued not only for Aesthetic reasons but also for its practical functions like storage.

In China, there are many great kitchen cabinets manufacturers from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong province offering different styles of kitchen cabinets with different materials.

Kitchen cabinets at 3 levels

  • Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets from China (RTA)
  • Semi-custom-made kitchen Cabinets from China
  • Custom made kitchen cabinets from China

Top 6 materials for kitchen cabinets from China

There are a wide range of materials available on the market to meet different demands from customer. Different materials represent different quality. Here are a few that is commonly used.

  • Particle board
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Solid wood
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Suggestions on buying kitchen cabinets from China

Buying kitchen cabinets from China is not a difficult job as there are many options. However, you should still consider the following aspects.

  1. Consider Your Budget.
  2. Pick a Style
  3. Find a good agent and manufacturer.
  4. Focus on details
  5. Make pre-shipment inspection
  6. Choose a proper forwarder

Kitchen Tables & Chairs from China

kitchen table & chairs from China

Kitchen table & chairs are where you have dealer with your family, where you host guests in your home. There are countless choices available in China.

In Guangdong province, there are over 2000 kitchen table & chair suppliers offering different style of kitchen table & chairs at different cost.There are numerous options available on the market and in the factory. Here is a list of what you can expect from China.

  • Solid wood kitchen tables & chairs
  • Marble kitchen tables
  • Panel kitchen tables
  • Glass kitchen tables
  • Sintered stone kitchen tables

Those kitchen table & chairs are available in different style to fit your entire interior design concept. If you would like to purchase kitchen table & chairs from China. Guangdong would be your No.1 destination.

Ask CBM for kitchen table & chair advice

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Kitchen Countertops/worktops from China

Kitchen countertops from China

Kitchen countertops or worktops are an important part in your kitchen which you will use preparing food.How it performs & how it looks are two important factors which you should consider when choosing a kitchen worktop from China.

A perfect worktop is not just about completing the look of your kitchen, it has an impact on its functionality too.

When picking the right worktop, there are many factors to consider, including style, durability, maintenance, lifestyle and cost.

In China, you can easily find both pre-cut kitchen worktops & custom-made kitchen tops. There are thousands of good manufacturers located in its top 5 China furniture factory locations.

Among those locations, Guangdong is a perfect destination as there you can find everything you need for your home updating project at ease.

Things to consider when buying a kitchen worktop from China.

  • Your budget. Always remember to have a budget for whatever products you plan to purchase. Knowing your budget well, your sourcing agent could recommend proper resources to help you save time & money.
  • Preferred materials. There are many materials available on the market. Each material has its pros & cons. Focus on the material which you prefer will help you get what you like without been distracted by the many options on the market.
  • Whatever furniture you buy for your home, it should fit your space. Otherwise you will have troubles. Make sure the kitchen worktops dimension fit your kitchen space perfectly. If not, ask your agent to get you a custom-made kitchen countertop. It will be very important.
  • Furniture industry is as personalized as fashion; every individual has its own taste for beauty. That’s why I love furniture business and devoted my youth and days to come to furniture. When buying a kitchen countertop from China. Do not forget to choose the right style so it can match with your entire interior design.

Materials for kitchen worktop from China.


Laminate worktops are affordable, easy to maintain and there are lots of colors and expressions to choose from. They are made of laminate pressed onto particleboard. Both heat and pressure are applied to harden the surface and create a durable worktop.

Thick Veneer

Thick wood veneer worktops offer the natural color and grain of wood, adding warmth to your kitchen.

They are pre-treated for quicker installation and can be sanded and treated when needed. The thick veneer technique allows us to create patterns and expressions that are otherwise difficult and expensive to achieve – with the efficient use of natural resources.


Acrylic worktops have a smooth, non-porous surface that is resistant to stains and moisture, making them easy to clean. The color and design run all the way through the material. This means they can be polished to remove any surface damage such as scratches, allowing you to restore the surface to its original condition.


Quartz worktops are extremely durable, resistant to scratches, moisture and impacts. They are made by combining ground quartz (one of the hardest materials in nature), resins and pigments.

This creates a very hard, non-porous surface that is smooth, easy to clean and does not require any sealing treatment. Quartz worktops can be 2 or 3cm thick and come in a wide variety of expressions.


Ceramic is an extremely hard-wearing material, produced by applying high heat and pressure to fuse minerals together. The result is a non-porous surface that’s hygienic and highly resistant to heat and scratches – hot pots and sharp knives won’t cause damage.

Design your own custom-made worktop and get an instant price estimate with CBM service

Kitchen Lighting from China

kitchen lighting from China

A good kitchen lighting brings a brighter kitchen life. Thus, it has become an essential part of every kitchen to create a tasteful atmosphere.If you are considering buy all kitchen products from China. Don’t forget about kitchen lighting.

I would say that Guangdong will also be your No.1 destination for kitchen lighting purchase.In Guzhen town of Zhongshan city. You will have unlimited selection of kitchen lighting.

Just like Lecong furniture market. Guzhen lighting market is the world largest lighting market. There you are almost guaranteed to get the prefect lighting for your kitchen.

Moreover, it’s only about one and a half hour’s drive from Lecong furniture market to reach there easily.

Major Kitchen lightings Options for your reference

  • Kitchen spotlight
  • Kitchen countertop lighting
  • Kitchen Cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen table lighting
  • Chandeliers and Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Want to learn more about kitchen lighting? Order a free consultant from CBM

Kitchen sinks from China

Kitchen sinks from China

The sink and the area around it, is one of the busiest places in a kitchen. You use it for everything from preparing food and rinsing vegetables, to storing dirty dishes and washing up.

To make the activities as easy as possible, choose a sink and sink accessories that match your needs and the way you work in the kitchen.

When choosing a kitchen sinks from China. Take into below aspects into consideration.

  • How much space you have for the kitchen sink? Normally, you will find size of 40cm, 60cm, 80cm on the market.
  • Think about how you prepare food, but also how you wash up. Do you have a dishwasher or do you wash the dishes by hand? Do you need one bowl, two bowls or a sink with drainer?
  • Complete your sink with sink accessories that help you organize the area in and around the sink, both when you prepare food and when you wash up.

Top 5 Types of Kitchen sinks from China

Single bowl kitchen sinks

Single bowl kitchen sink

If you have a limited space, one single bowl is a good option. Plus, in a big single bowl you can easily wash large pots and pans. Combine with smart sink accessories to make the bowl as functional as possible.

Double bowl kitchen sinks

double bowl kitchen sink

Having two bowls is ideal if you have a lot going on at the same time. For example, if one of the bowls is piling up with dirty dishes, you can still rinse off vegetables in the other.

1½ bowl kitchen sinks

1½ bowl kitchen sinks

A one and a half bowl sink gives you the same advantages as a double bowl sink, but in a smaller area.

Kitchen Sink with Drainer

Kitchen Sink with Drainer

 A sink with a drainer is ideal for drying dishes. Most of the sinks with drainers are reversible, so you can choose if you want the drainer to the left or to the right.

Under-glued Kitchen sinks

Under glued sink

Under-glued sinks give you an uninterrupted, smooth look. They make cleaning your worktop easier as there are no obstructions for food scraps to catch on. You can order an under-glued sink when you order a custom-made worktop.

Kitchen Taps from China

No one can survive without water. Though 70% of our planet earth is covered with water, very little of it is drinkable and even less is accessible

A good kitchen tap is essential for human health. It is necessary to take some time to select a good kitchen tap which is good for health and water saving.

Types of kitchen taps you can consider

  • Kitchen mixer taps with low spout

Kitchen tap with low spout

  • Kitchen mixer taps with high spout

Kitchen tap with high spout

  • Kitchen mixer taps with pull-out spout

kitchen tap with pull out spout

  • Kitchen mixer taps with hand spray

kitchen tap with hand spray

  • Kitchen mixer taps with sensor

Kitchen tap with sensor

  • Kitchen taps with water filters

Kitchen taps with filters

Common Material of kitchen taps from China

  • 304 Stainless steel kitchen taps
  • Plastic kitchen taps
  • Bronze kitchen taps

The best Place to buy kitchen taps from China

In Shuikou town of Jiangmen city, Guangdong province,Tap & sanity ware is their major industry. It produces the best kitchen taps in China and has been the most important export cluster for kitchen taps in China.

If you want to find a kitchen tap supplier for your business, Shuikou is a must visit location.

However, if you are buying for your home use only, Foshan sanitary ware market would be your best choice.

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Kitchen Appliances from China

Kitchen-Appliances From China

Along with furnishings in your kitchen. Kitchen appliances are a major cost of a kitchen. In China, you can find a variety of kitchen appliances manufacturers including fortune 500 companies like Midea group, Gree and Hair.

However, due to the different voltage and frequency of electricity in different country. CBM suggest to buy home appliances from your Local market.

The best Place to import kitchen appliances in China

If you are looking for a kitchen appliances manufacturer for your business. Shunde city of Guangdong province would be a perfect choice.

In its Bei Jiao town and Ronggui town, thousands of kitchen appliances manufacturers gathered there and formed the most comprehensive industry chain in China.

Among those suppliers, you can find top 500 companies Midea, you can also find renowned home appliances manufacturer such as Galanz and whirlpool.

A Simple list of kitchen appliances products



Microwave ovens


Dish washer

Rice cooker

Electric Grill


Stand Mixer

Coffee Maker


Want CBM to recommend kitchen appliances manufacturer? Order a free consultation now.

Outdoor Kitchens from China

Outdoor-Kitchens from China

Outdoor kitchens are popular additions, and most experts estimate that homeowners with kitchens in their outdoor living spaces will break even on the investment when selling their homes.

According to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with outdoor kitchens can potentially see an ROI ranging between 100% and 200%

In China, you can find a wide range of outdoor kitchen suppliers. Over 2000 certified outdoor kitchen factory had supplied outdoor kitchen products all over the world.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Buy Kitchens from China

Products in a kitchen may be more complicated than you have ever imagined. It involves a lot of different kitchen products. You can buy most of them from China to save time & money.

To take full advantage of buying home décor products directly from China. You need to plan it well before get start. From our past 10 years’ experience of helping hundreds of families get their dreamed kitchen products, we have summarized a step by step guide to help with your buying trip.

Step 1: Consider Your Budget.

The cost of kitchen from China varies a lot based on different styles and materials. It is important to have your budget in mind.There is no need to have detailed budget for every product, however, you should have an idea of the overall cost for the complete kitchen.

A professional sourcing agent could evaluate your budget and offer advices to help you optimize it and recommend proper resources.

Step 2: Pick a Style & measure all the dimensions

Your kitchen should perfectly match your entire interior design. Pick a style following your interior design concepts. Do not change the main style after it is set.

Sizes are quite important as everything need to fit your space, before you get started, measure the dimensions and mark it on the drawing.

Step 3: Find a good sourcing agent and manufacturer.

To buy all the furniture, kitchen products and other building materials is a complicated job wherever you buy from.

A good sourcing agent can ease the buying process and set you free. Professional sourcing specialist in CBM has a wide range of resources and can plan everything well for you to help save your precious time and money.

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Step 4: Plan a buying trip to China

Unlike any other products, furniture needs to be tested by yourself as everyone’s taste is different and everyone has its own understanding of comfort. It’s important for you to try it yourself, especially for products like sofa.

Since you have done your homework from step 1 to step 3, you can now plan a visit to China. According to our experience, a trip of 7 to 10 days trip is enough to buy everything needed for your home.

CBM offers one stop sourcing solution from hotel reservation, airport pick up, market guide to shipment for its customers. Order a free consultant at CBM now.

Step 5: Market & factory visiting with your agent

After arrived in China, take some rest and start market visiting the second day. It will be a tough day as you need to visit many shops and factories.

A well-planned route can ease the process to some extent. A professional agent like CBM will work with you throughout the whole process from A to Z. It will recommend several verified factories based on your communication beforehand the trip.

A 5 to 7 days visit is necessary if you want to buy everything from China.

During the markets & factory visit. Remember to check the below points

  • Take photos for things you are interested in.
  • Note down the dimensions, color options, prices
  • Check sample quality
  • Select colors while you are in supplier showroom, cut a small piece of color sample if possible
  • Ask for Leadtime
  • Try to make your decision while you are in China when it is hot in memory.

Step 5: Finalize the order and make advance payment

When you have made your decision, next step is to place the order to different supplier and make advance payment.

Normally, they will ask for 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment. If it is custom made products, they may ask 50% deposit or even 100%.

You can either pay cash at sight or wire transfer to supplier’s bank account. But since you will have a lot of suppliers of different product. It will not be an easy job and could be costly paying bank charges.

The easy way is to transfer the full order amount to your agent and ask your agent to arrange RMB to different supplier. In this way, you only need to make one transfer and can minimize your work & bank charges.

Moreover, most suppliers will ask for RMB payment for LCL orders. So, our suggestion will be making the payment in USD to your sourcing agent and ask them to handle the following procedures.

I need a sourcing agent now.

Step 6: Production follow up

Production follow up ensures the Leadtime so your order won’t get delayed. But It is a time-consuming job.

Most sourcing agent will offer the production follow up service for you if you use their service package. It’s not necessary for you to waste your valuable time on it.

Though production follow up is not a complicated work, it is important. Without a clear production plan, it’s not easy for you to coordinate with other process such as inspection booking, container booking.,etc.

Step 7: Make pre-shipment inspection

No matter how good the manufacturer is. A pre-shipment inspection is very important. It ensures the quality and details of your orders so you won’t have any after sale problems.

There are several ways to do the inspection.

  • Do it yourself.
  • Ask your agent to do it on your behalf.
  • Order a third-party inspection service

Each option has its pros & cons; however, I would like to suggest agent inspection as they know your order well and they can include the inspection into their service package and charge less than third party inspection service provider.

At last, whatever option you choose, check the following aspects and make an inspection report for record.

  • Designs
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Configurations
  • Dimensions
  • Workmanship
  • Packaging

Step 8: Arrange shipment & make export-import custom clearance

The shipment for LCL order is a more complicated process than FCL shipment. It’s important to have a consolidator help you arrange the shipment since your order is scattered to many different suppliers.

Normally, your agent will offer this service. They will collect all your orders from different suppliers and consolidate all into one container.

Experienced consolidator could calculate the CBM and make full use of the space to save sea freight for you.

Except for the consolidator, a good forwarder is also essential. A good forwarder could ease the process as regard to import custom clearance and inland transportation in your city.

Step 9: Installation

Most of the kitchen products will come flat packed. You will need to organize the installation by yourself.

CBM recommended to hire someone professional locally to do the job. But if the cost is high or skills not enough, you can also have someone from China to help you with installation.

In CBM, we offer installation service upon your request. Order a free consultation now.

Step 10:Maintenance and after sale problem solving.

Though we have done a pre-shipment inspection. There is still a chance for damage during transportation.

In case of any damage or defection found, take the photos and ask help from your agent. While some agents won’t be responsible for it, a good agent like CBM will offer considerate aftersales service to help you coordinate with suppliers and forwarder in case of any claim.

I need CBM after sale service now.

Problems you may have with kitchens from china

There are a lot of products in a kitchen. Though China offers a wide range of selection for everything at different quality level & budget. There could still be some problems. Here we have listed some of the problems you may encounter to help you avoid lost.

Different products don’t match with each other.

It’s not easy to find a supplier who can supply all the kitchen products. You will probably purchase from many different suppliers anyway.It may happen that they don’t match with each other if you are not good at interior design and don’t have a designer.

Quality issues.

Quality issues is always a problem that you may encounter. That’s why a lot of quality inspection companies exist in the market.Here are some of the quality problems CBM had encountered in the past experience.

  • Weak panels that may fall apart in a few years.
  • Poor surface finish can be easily marred and flake off with normal use. Scratches on the surface.
  • Lack of accessories. It may happen that some important accessories may be missing to make it impossible to assemble.
  • Material that cannot comply with regulation in your country. Some manufacturers may pursue high profit and adopt material with low quality standard.

Shipment delay.

The delay of shipment may happen especially in peak season and before and after Chinese New Year holiday.

In peak season, factory may first guarantee their important wholesale customers orders. And postpone LCL orders.

Before & right after Chinese New Year holiday. The resources are limited. It’s possible that your order gets delayed due to lack of workers, short of containers.

To avoid shipment delay, there are something you can do.

Firstly, sign an official sales contract which is binding in law with suppliers and make the delivery time clear in case of any disputes.

Secondly, follow up the production seamlessly to make sure the process is in time.

Thirdly, keep an eye on major holidays in China.

Don’t want to have any troubles?  Let CBM help you buy kitchens from China.